Phase 1: Inventor Learning

Inventor Consulting

$0 - $200

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1. 1-hour consultation $200, 30-minute consultation $100,

First, an NDA will be signed and the inventor may disclose their idea to ask more in-depth questions to obtain more guidance.

Give us a call, my team & I will explain the process, answer any questions, and advise the next steps for your ideal and/or patent. Let’s Chat! 

Most inventors have a great idea but stay stuck at the stage of conception or only achieve getting a patent but never making money from their ideas. They never have a clue what step they should take next with their ideas or know how to do proper research on their idea to gain better knowledge and find out if there is even a market for it. These and many other questions can be answered by Maria Lizi one-on-one phone or video call and emails!

There are no refunds on this service

Provisional Patent Course


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This self-study “Patent Your Idea Today” masterclass walks through step by step on how to research, draft, draw and file your own patent. 


Over 4+ hours of deep dive material with video instructions showing you how to complete each patent requirement and file your patent with the USPTO.



  1. Set you patent & invention goal and create your miracle sunrise intentions

  2. Title your patent/invention

  3. Abstract written portion

  4. Background of your idea

  5. Summarize and submit your patent

*Filing cost of PPA not included*


There are no refunds on this service.