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About Maria

Maria thought of her first idea in 2012. She didn’t know anything about inventions or patents. She did some research and found her mentor, who has been mentoring her in this industry for almost a decade. He taught her how to write and file her own patent. From there, She thought of many more inventions, filed numerous patents, became a granted patented inventor in the US & China, and also secured a few licensing deals. From all of the success achieved, others began asking for help with their ideas and that is when MES & Co. was started.

There were definitely struggles along the way. This is not something that they teach in school. There was lots of trial and error, so she had to learn everything from the ground up. She spent thousands of dollars on courses, resources, workshops, programs, and mentorship. There are limited inventor resources, no official inventor courses or programs in schools, and the cost is extremely expensive and overpriced. 

There has been a huge problem in the invention industry with people being taken advantage of, getting their idea stolen, and losing lots of money. Maria started Mes & Co. to help inventors bring new innovation to the market without the fear of being taken advantage of or their idea being stolen.

Mes & Co. is a company with an array of inventor services. I specialize in idea research reports, provisional patents, product sell sheets, product videos, consulting any area in the invention process, and licensing deals/contracts. I am known for being a patented inventor, product innovator, HR Professional, Michigan’s Inventor Ambassador, Michigan Chronicle honoree for Top 40 under 40, Who’s Who Black in Detroit, and the USPTO honoree for Black History Month. I am most proud of sharing my expertise with the world and helping inventors with their ideas. There are not many minorities in the invention industry. Women are minorities. I feel as though I am the only one in this industry that provides all inventor services from concept to market and even Amazon drop-ship manufacturing and more under one company.

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Maria Lizi Stroud is a patented inventor/product developer from Detroit, Michigan. Maria has quite the inventive spirit with few granted patents, Utility & Design Patent in the USA and China, with more patents pending. She has a few prototypes and two products currently being developed, “DoggyLoveDoll & Mirari Mirror” with another 25 concept ideas that keep her very busy.


Since becoming a patent adviser, ideal consultant, product developer, and innovation specialist, Maria is now serving as a mentor/consultant providing other aspiring inventors with the guidance and tools needed for their innovative ideas.

Maria graduated college with two degrees, one being a bachelor’s degree in human resources (HR) from Oakland University, where she used to work in HR specializing in FMLA but she left her career to pursue dreams of being an entrepreneur, developing innovative products.


Maria has been appointed as the Michigan Inventors Ambassador by the Michigan Inventors Coalition. In her spare time, she loves traveling with her son Brayden, spending time with her dog Mazi, spending time outdoors, and maintaining fitness and health.


As we continue to feature Black Women In Business, our next business woman we’re featuring is Maria Stroud, @MesAndCo_, based in Michigan & Georgia. She’s a patent specialist/product innovator. Contact her at to get your Invention Journey started!

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